We are on your side:

We want you to enjoy your purchase for many years to come. Our company mantra is dedicated to you the customer. We will work with you to help resolve any issues pertaining to your purchase. We believe your watch should be on your wrist rather than sitting broken in your drawer, and that is why we’ll do everything in our power to make sure the watch is repaired back to airworthy condition as soon as possible. In accordance to our philosophy we are happy to provide to our customers a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

What is Included?

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects or faults. Repairs covered under the warranty will be free of charge. For all repairs – warranty period or not – we provide a new battery (if the watch has a quartz movement) and cleaning service when the product is sent in to the corporate repair center housed in the USA.

Our warranty DOES NOT cover damage resulting from improper use or care of product, loss arising from theft, fire, acts of God, typhoons, or other catastrophes while the goods are in the possession of the buyer. The warranty does not cover water damage or normal wear and tear due to use of the product, including but not limited to batteries and bands.

Warranty is void if damage is a result from improper usage or damage resulting from repairs not by corporate repair center. The watch must be registered with the Abingdon Co. or the warranty is void.

Lemon Law:

Our watches pass through three quality control checks before it gets sent to you. Occasionally a lemon will sneak through our hands. Therefore, we abide by a lemon law stating if the watch is sent in for 3 warranty repairs within the 1st year, we will swap out your watch for a new one.  If the exact same replacement watch is not available, you have two options. We can send a substitute – with your approval of course – that closely matches style and price of the original faulty watch or we can issue you a credit for the value of the original purchase to be used for a new watch. Don’t worry…We are all human. We know it happens.

Outside Warranty Repairs

If the watch is outside of warranty repair, don’t worry, we can still help!  When we receive the watch, we will provide a quote for repairs and upon your approval and payment, we will begin minor outpatient surgery on your beloved watch.

Sending in product for warranty service or repair

Just send the watch, registration card (if you haven’t already), and a shipping and handling fee (see below) to the our address and include: your name, email, telephone number, return address to send the watch back to, and a brief description of what is wrong with your watch. PLEASE pull the crown out so no gears move during shipping. During normal operations, our Repair facilities typically take a couple weeks from when we receive the watch to get it back to you. We will also provide a complimentary cleaning and battery replacement for you on all repairs. Please ensure you protect the watch during shipment by wrapping it up carefully. The Abingdon Co. recommends you insure the package for the value of the watch as we do not cover it if it becomes damaged, lost or stolen during transit.

To submit a product for repair, please submit a Repair Request.

Shipping and Handling Fees

US Only:  Check or money order $20.
Outside of US Only: Check or money order $55 USD.
We will ship back the watch with insurance and a tracking number.

Precautions – Water Resistance Guide

Water Resistant Chart for all Abingdon Co. watch models